Avellan Space Technology & Science (AST&Science™) is a designer and manufacturer of miniature satellites for low-Earth orbit (LEO). Our mission is to dramatically transform the way satellites are designed, built and launched that will afford government and commercial entities significant advantages over today's technologies. Accelerated launch times, decreased costs on many fronts and amplified resiliency to external threats are right on the horizon. Manufacturing is slated to commence later in 2018.

Patented Technology

We've been awarded multiple U.S. and international patents for proprietary technologies that will enable all-new applications and drive launch times and costs to new lows. We'd love to tell you more about our secret sauce, but ...

Built for LEO

Over the next 5 to 10 years, we predict LEO satellites will carry the majority of global data traffic. On the forefront of this transition to LEO, we're shrinking satellite size, costs and timelines to help organizations take full advantage.

U.S. Manufacturing

Currently scouting space-friendly cities in which to build a $25-million manufacturing facility, we are committed to supporting U.S. manufacturing and job creation. More details on our state-of-the-art facility are coming soon.



Meet our team of satellite experts and rocket scientists.
Yes, we actually said rocket scientists.  

Abel Avellan
Chairman & CEO

Space industry pioneer and entrepreneur, Abel Avellan, is breaking into the burgeoning LEO market with revolutionary miniature satellite technology. See where he's been and who's preparing to lift off with him.

Meet the Team